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Winter 2018 - UNE PA Student's Update

With only two months left of didactic year, UNE PA students are gearing up for their first clinical rotation and have been given a unique opportunity to engage in real-world experience outside of the classroom. Throughout this final semester, each student will be volunteering at Oasis Free Clinic, in Brunswick, Maine. Oasis is a clinic that provides quality, accessible, free, and comprehensive health and dental services to persons of limited means living in the greater Bath-Brunswick area. In clinic, students are given the opportunity to evaluate a patient independently and collaborate with Rebecca Brown, PA-C and Clinical Director of Oasis, to develop an adequate assessment and plan of care. 

The PA students are excited to engage in our community before our clinical year begins and for a chance to apply our skills out of the classroom. Those that have already attended have had a great experience and feel that they are much more prepared for the soon-to-arrive clinical year!

Aaron M. White PA-S 

Taylor L. Cyr PA-S 

UNE Class of 2019 MEAPA Representatives

Fall 2017 - UNE PA Student's Update

Gone is our summer semester of Anatomy, Professional Ethics, and Bioscience. A semester that flew by so quickly it barely felt like happened. After a short 10-day break, we are back in full swing for the fall semester.

This semester, unlike the summer semester, is module based. Each body system is addressed separately. We learn how to form differential diagnoses, establish a final diagnosis, and determine a treatment plan for specific conditions. Integrating Seminar, Evidence-Based Medicine and Interdisciplinary Geriatric Education Program have been added to our course load and we will continue with some of the courses that we started with in the spring.

We are excited to continue with Medicine Bag. Medicine Bag is a course that brings us together to share our thoughts, comments, and concerns with one another in confidence. This makes our didactic experience more personal and helps to foster as sense of community.

The Interdisciplinary Geriatric Education Program (IGEP) also begins this fall. IGEP gives us an opportunity to shadow clinicians outside of the university setting and to develop our clinical assessment skills in local elder communities.

Overall, the first-year students can agree that we are having a challenging but rewarding experience.

Aaron M. White PA-S 

Taylor L. Cyr PA-S 

UNE Class of 2019 MEAPA Representatives

The second-year UNE PA students are scattered throughout Maine, New England, and the country learning how to become excellent providers. It has been amazing to take what we learned in our (long and challenging) didactic year and apply it to real patients with very real medical problems. It has also been really great to connect with the community of Maine PAs who will one day become our peers and co-workers. If you happen upon a second-year UNE PA student in your clinic or in the hospital, please show us an interesting case, quiz us on a medical topic, or at the very least, say hello!

Gary Sorcher PA-S 

Zaide Ladensack PA-S 

UNE Class of 2018 MEAPA Representatives

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