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March 31, 2020

Important Information from Maine CDC

1. Testing at state lab (HETL). Maine now meets U.S. CDC’s criteria for a Moderate level of community transmission. At present, a limited national supply of laboratory materials inhibits Maine’s testing capacity. Therefore, consistent with U.S. CDC guidelines, Maine is now creating a prioritization system to test individuals in high-risk categories. To preserve Maine’s specimen collection and testing supplies for patients who may develop severe COVID-19 illness over the coming months, effective immediately, Maine Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL) will prioritize testing to high-risk individuals and will only accept specimens for testing from symptomatic individuals who have fever or respiratory symptoms and who fall into one of the following high-risk categories: Tier 1: - Those who are hospitalized - Health care workers - First responders (e.g., EMS Police, Fire) - Patients living in congregate setting (e.g., LTCFs, group homes, assisted living facilities, jails, shelters)

Tier 2: - Patients older than 60 years - Patients with underlying medical conditions

Note: Samples from individuals who do not fall into any of these six categories should be sent to a commercial laboratory. Testing within these categories is likely to be prioritized further based on availability of laboratory materials. This guidance is in general accordance with U.S. Department of Health and Human

Services (DHHS) recommendations for prioritizing COVID - 19 testing for individuals.

2. Lab results.

  • Do not refer patients to Maine CDC or HETL for test results. Maine CDC and HETL do not release results to individuals.
  • HETL faxes all results to the submitter, which is usually a laboratory. If a laboratory is the submitter, it is a requirement of that laboratory to notify the medical provider of the test results.
  • Turnaround time at HETL for COVID-19 tests is 24-48 hours after receipt of specimen. HETL has no control over how long the submitting laboratory takes to report to the medical provider.

3. PPE requests. All requests for PPE should now be sent to County Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs). Requests can be emailed directly to the County EMA Director. A list of County EMAs can be found here.

4. Scheduled Maine CDC webinars. Maine CDC is hosting regular interactive (Zoom) webinars for the following groups. Current logins are as follows (note that some of these have changed from the original listing sent out last week):

  • General briefing: Mondays 1-2PM: click here Hospital staff: twice weekly - Tuesdays 11-11:30 AM: click here - Fridays 1:30-2 PM: click here Long-Term Care: Wednesdays 1-1:30 PM: click here Clinicians: Thursdays 12:30 – 1 PM: click here Tribal leaders and health centers: Fridays 11:30 AM – 12 PM: click here Child health providers: Fridays 12 – 1 PM: click here Behavioral Health: Fridays 1 – 3 PM: click here

5. Keep up to date with COVID information from key state agencies and patient populations:

  • Maine DHHS: click here MaineCare: click here Office of Behavioral Health (formerly SAMHS): click here Children’s Behavioral Health (OCFS): click here Maine CDC COVID-19 testing criteria & recent HAN health advisories: click here

6. Sign up for Maine CDC’s Health Alerts (HANs) here. Please sign up UNDER THE ORGANIZATION THAT YOU WORK FOR. The CDC receives a lot of new account requests from folks who work one place, but think they need to sign up under the CDC, DHHS, and MEMA. If you work at a hospital, you will find your facility under “Hospitals” – the same is true for FQHCs.

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